Restore Damaged Or Decayed Teeth With Dental Fillings Bathurst

Summit Heights Dental in North York is proud to offer fillings to help restore teeth damaged due to cavities or other issues.

What are fillings, and what are they made of?

Dental Fillings Bathurst are dental restorations designed to repair teeth damaged due to cavities, fractures, or other issues. Fillings can be made of different materials depending on the patient’s preference and how much tooth structure has been lost. Common filling materials include silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, and composite resin.

What are the benefits of fillings?

Dental fillings Fairview can protect and strengthen damaged teeth, reducing the risk of future cavities and decay. Additionally, fillings are often used after a root canal, and they can improve your smile by correcting minor misalignments and closing gaps between teeth.

What is involved in getting a filling?

Getting a dental fillings Bathurst is a straightforward process. After numbing the area, our dentist will remove any decay or damaged tooth structure and fill the space with the appropriate material. Finally, our dentist will polish the filling to make it look natural.

Who should consider getting a filing?

People with teeth damaged due to cavities, fractures, or other issues should consider getting dental fillings Fairview. It’s a common procedure safe for patients of all ages..

Contact Summit Heights Dental in North York today for more information about fillings. Our experienced dentists can answer any questions and help you get the healthy smile you deserve!

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  • Restore teeth that have been damaged
  • Repair decay caused by cavities
  • Eliminate gaps between your teeth
  • Conceal minor issues with alignment
  • Obtain a strong, healthy smile!

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