IV General Anesthesia Implants

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    1. I have been informed of and I understand the purpose and nature of the implant surgery procedure. I understand what is necessary to accomplish the placement of the implant under the gum or in the bone.
    2. My doctor has carefully examined my mouth and explained alternatives to this treatment have been explained to me. I have either tried or have considered these options and have concluded that an implant is my treatment of choice to secure the tooth or denture to be replaced.
    3. I have further been informed of the possible risks and complications involved with surgery, drugs (allergic or adverse reactions) and anesthesia. Such complications include pain, swelling, infection, bruising. Numbness of the lip, tongue, chin, cheek or teeth may occur. The exact duration may not be determinable and may be irreversible. Other possible risks are injury to other teeth, bone fractures, sinus perforation, delayed healing, rejection of the implant.
    4. It has been explained to me that in some instances implants fail and must be removed. The success rate of dental implant surgery is very high but dentistry is not an exact science and no guarantee or assurance as to the outcome of the result of treatment can be made.
    5. I understand that if nothing is done any of the following could occur: loss of bone and/or gum tissue, inflammation of the gums, infection, loose teeth, loss of teeth, and the occurrence or reoccurrence of Temporomandibular (jaw) joint symptoms
    6. I understand that excessive smoking, alcohol, or sugar may affect healing and may limit the success of the implant. I agree to follow my doctors home care instructions. I agree to report to my doctor for regular examinations as instructed.
    7. To my knowledge I have given an accurate report of my physical and mental health history. I have also reported any prior allergic or unusual reactions to drugs, food, reported any bleeding disorders or any other condition related to my health
    8. I consent to the photographing filming videotaping of the procedure to be performed provided my identity is not revealed.
    9. I request and authorize the dental services for me, including implants and other surgical procedures as deemed necessary to accomplish the placement of the implants. I fully understand that during and following the procedure conditions may become apparent that warrant additional or alternative treatments pertinent o the success of the comprehensive treatment. I also approve any modification in the design or materials if it is felt to be in my best interest.
    10. The fees for this treatment plan and the payment plan have been explained to me and I have approved them.